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April 6th brings For Stories


It's only 31 Days away from our release party at Mayslacks April 6th we will have For Stories, Trifecta, The Sequel and the self titled debut, along with other assorted goodies not to mention The GooDBarS, friends and family. 

If you can't make the show we hope you'll grab the preorder on iTunes.  Just to the right of this page and every page on this site is an opportunity to support what we love to do.  Make music. 

For Stories could have been called Four Stories as there are indeed 4 songs featured on the EP 1) Until Someone Remembers My Name 2) When Love Goes to War 3) Faster Than They Fall In 4) Before You're Gone.  It's also why we play in the bars, the barns, sheds, street dances, weddings and festivals.  For Stories and memories we've made with family and friends this is dedicated to you guys and those of you who choose to support us.


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For Stories Coming Soon


We have 2 songs demoed in TheDirtyCountryFamily on FB

If you haven't decided to join and want to see the process of making "For Stories" we strongly encourage you to Click Link Above

It is a closed group but If you let us know you found out about the group through 

"The Dirty" we will gladly usher you in 

We Started recording last Sunday at Undertone Music in Minneapolis so besides the demos already posted you'll get to see some pics and video clips of the process of making our new release "For Stories" which will include the following Tracks:

1) Unitl Someone Remembers My Name - this song started out as a nod to one of my favorite country music outlaws David Alan Coe and is turning out to be much more than I invisioned.


2) When Love Goes To War - The struggle is real and in some relationships never ending.  Didn't have to look to far for the inspiration for this song


3) Faster Than They Fall In - this song exploits the unusal habits of bad relationships in general


4) Before You're Gone - I wrote this song as a reply of sorts to Highway to Hell as much as I like the song I'd rather see my friends up in heaven singing along together.  I'm hoping the polka song in Heaven There Is No Beer was wrong. 


Just in case you missed the one above I put this one here for another shot at it

TheDirtyCountryFamily on FB


Happy 2018 the Best is Yet to Come

Mark Stone



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


We want to thank all of you for making this year the best so far for us.  Sure it had its ups and downs but we are connecting with more and more people like you that dig our music.  A year ago in January we had a very modest 7.500 Twitter followers.  Today we have 15,400.  Its not really about numbers though it's a bout the people behind them and the connections that we've made through music.

Remember Sharing is caring so share us with a friend or anyone you think would like our music.  Let them know if they enter their email anywhere on or above the social icons and click the free download button that they will in fact receive a confirmation email with their free download.  We try to make it easy but sometimes a little nudge gives folks a boost of confidence.  So Thank You.  Some of you are already doing this I say thank you again.  Keep doing what you're doing so we can keep doing what we're doing.  

We head into the studio to start working on "Four Stories" in less than 2 weeks.  If you want to see our progress and hear some of the new music you'll want to join TheDirtyCountryFamily there is a link to the closed group on Facebook in the original confirmation email for signing up as well or press the blue button (Visit Group) from Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band's Facebook Page


21 Days Until Christmas Give The Gift of Independent Music


No matter if you're buying from us or somebody else we encourage you to buy independent this year.  We plan on rolling out 2 awesome opportunities via our email list so sign up Now. Do it soon we don't want you to miss out.


Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  We hope you are enjoying the best things in life today and everyday.   Come back and visit us if you need some music. We are definitely here for you.  If you are interested in merch we are selling the remainder of stock through the mailing list.  So if you haven't signed up leave your email on any page just above the social icons.

Big HUGE THANK YOU to everyone of you who have supported our musical habit we can't wait to share "For Stories"


Music Monday


Malcom Young easily one of the unsung heroes of rhythm guitar.  Everybody thought they had his riffs down but there was a wizardy in it's simplicity that made it more complex than you thought.  Trust me it makes sense if you don't think about it.  Today's Music Monday has me singing Hells Bells with Split Second. is back up and running


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We will not be doing a merch store but those on the list feel free to contact me via email with any inquiries or suggestions or you could just mention it below

Until Next Time

We Appreciate You Aint Afraid To Get A Little Dirty

Mark Stone