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Kickin up Dust

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band
Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band


Let me tell you about a tale A tale of a tiny hick Wrecked in the town of Delano It was a helluva trip this guitar me to places people never see. I'm a working man you don't wanna be on the fighting side of me the weekends here it's time for us To Be Kicking Up Dust

Dirty Country Band starts rocking on down the road Sing you a song till the break of dawn carrying a heavy load Throwing Down that dirty country sound all with that backwoods beat Give a hillbilly cheer and raise your beer if you're drinking with me and they all know there’s no stopping us When We’re Kicking Up Dust

So this is a tale of a small town kid and I'm singing this song Plug me into any honk tonk and I'll be playing all night long Strutt on the drums given you that low down dirty beat Jamo drops the bass that makes you wanna move your feet And we'll be playing all the song you love While we're Kicking Up Dust

Kicking Up Dust