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I Wanna Kiss You in the Country

by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

Released 2014
Doiturself Records
Released 2014
Doiturself Records
The Softer Sensitive Country Side to Our Regularly Rougher Southern Rock
  • 03:34 Lyrics I Wanna Kiss You in the Country

    I Wanna Kiss You In the Country 

    your arms around me like a sunday drive
    dirt roads winding through the tall trees
    not another car in site for miles
    Your lips are sweeter than candy
    forget the city for tonight
    I wanna kiss you in the country 
    and lay you down for awhile
    Seems like it’s been to long way to long since I’ve seen that pretty smile
    cell phones keeps ring ringing and every other distraction to keep us apart
    I gotta get you back in the shotgun seat and make tracks where theres nothing else around
    Crickets N frogs sing a symphony in the moonlight to the beating of our hearts
I Wanna Kiss You In The Country was recorded at Music Lane Studios in Austin, TX with Austin Chambers and Andy Sharp and then finished in The High Decibel Area Studios under the guide of Michael Rumore of Italian Noise. It was then Mastered by Rob Hinton of Mesa Studios in Austin, TX. The song was written as a Valentines day Gift for Mark's wife Rhonda Stone who then insisted that it be on the album "The Sequel". The song was released as a single ahead of the album and also appears on The Sequel