Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

For Stories

by Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

Released April 6th 2018
Doiturself Records
Released April 6th 2018
Doiturself Records
For Stories is here and we hope you like it. 4 unique Stories straight from us to you. Thank you so much for your support.
Huge Thank You to everyone who owns this disc.
Your support allows us to make the music we all enjoy.

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Mark Stone and The Dirty Country Band is: Mark Stone on Guitar/Vocals,
Todd Jameson on Bass/Backup Vocals and Johnny Strutt on Lead Drums

Special Guest:
Until Someone Remember My Name: Todd Woods

Special Guests:
Before You’re Gone: Rhonda FunStone/Back Up Vocals
Tom Hambleton minister of fancy noises on Keys/Back Up Vocals

Thanks to Tom Hambleton/Undertone Studios Inc. for the amazing studio
experience and always having the instruction manual handy
in case of an emergency. Thanks to Matt Steady for mastering.

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band would like to Thank All
of our Family and Friends without you holding us up we would have
never gotten this far. Thank You Rhonda FunStone, The Peterson Family,
The Jameson Family and all the Strutt’s and our growing Dirty Country Family

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